1. Parents of Preemie Day

    March 11, 2013 by Asha

    Yesterday was, Parents of Preemies Day: a day of celebration, of miracles, of grace. It’s also a day that comes with a bittersweet tinge, because no matter how incredibly blessed you might feel to have a preemie, it’s a journey that is only truly understood by those who have walked it themselves. One of my dearest friends and I have laughed and cried together through some huge milestones for our children. As our littles approach the glorious two-year old mark that holds so much promise, there are still memories. Someone asked me the other day, “Can you even believe she was a preemie, look at her now?” The comment was spoken fully in love, and I know it was intend to praise the progress that Alana has made, but here’s the thing…of course I can believe it. I couldn’t get away from it, if I tried. I lived it. Breathed it. In the same way that women gush about those glorious moments after labor: the sweet-mother-can-I-please-freeze-time moments, when their newly minted darlings are placed pink-screaming-beautiful in their arms for the first time.

    We remember something very different. We remember what it felt like to have empty arms, no warm rush of sweet baby skin. We remember what it felt like to leave the hospital without our babies, day after day after day. We remember bringing them home and being scared to death that after the incredible 24 hour hospital care that they received, how could we possibly measure up. We remember a completely different kind of birthday…one without balloons, flowers, visitors. We remember when they were born early.

    Now that my girl is two. I CELEBRATE her, I always have. I love her with indescribable love. I remember her entire story and I will never forget it. I am proud to be the Mommy of a preemie. I think it is an honor to remember how far my little one has come. I am excited for all the moments ahead, but I will never forget what it’s like to look back.

  2. The Painted Diaper Re-charged.

    March 11, 2013 by Asha

    Originally this website was created to help raise money for a preemie warming bed in Haiti. Well, folks…that definitely happened and I am so overjoyed. but now that I am chasing a two year-old around…life is going in too many different directions. Rather than kill this site, I thought I would leave it up as a space to share my thoughts on  motherhood, life, and all those moments in between. xo- Asha

  3. Nothing to do with Diapers or Painting…

    March 30, 2012 by Asha

    So I was walking my dog yesterday, rockin’ the faded blue athletic pants, hounds-tooth wellies, and my husband’s oversized polar fleece. My hand still warm from the poop, I just recently bagged on behalf of my labradoodle, when she emerges. Bouncy-chocolate-brown hair, a tailored trench coat, and gorgeous black suede boots—this woman is stunning. I figure she is probably off to some important meeting, perhaps a young microsoftie, or maybe a date with Bill Gates, I don’t know? Whatever- the point is, I feel like a hobo. After spending so much time in the apple-sauce trenches, I usually have no idea what kind of mystery stain is on my shoulder or if that tangy scent is indeed not a poopy diaper, but rather me? God bless my husband. I saunter back to my condo, dripping wet, eager to tell my hubby about my amazing encounter with potentially, one of Charlie’s next Angels:


    Me: Hubby I saw this woman, stunning- Italian leather boots (probably), styling trench, gorgeous DAH-ling. She must be a single gal, taking the world by storm. Good for her.


    Hubby: Was she parked by the F building?


    Me: Yeah, why?


    Hubby: I’ve seen her, with her two little kids.


    I should go. I heard there is a casting-call for, ‘The Bride of Chuckie 4.’ Seriously, this woman is a fellow Mommy like me?



    It is so easy to be insecure, to feel inferior, to judge. I saw that woman and instantly felt defeated about myself. The thing is though, I have amazing friends who look that stunning heading off to work (in spite of nursing their babies through the night, with maybe 2 hours of sleep). I have single mommy friends who do it all alone, I have friends with strong marriages and eager to help husbands. I have a beautiful friend who manages to get things done with twins on the move and is one of the loveliest gals I know.


    No wonder we are so fascinated with cheesy magazine articles about stars without make-up. I think we all want some proof that it is okay to be us, just as we are. To love, just as we are. To simply be who we were created to be. That is why we are on this earth, to love and to tell the world how greatly we are loved. SO- tell each other 😉

    God so loved the world. God is love. God made us in His image. We are loved.


    We may be different or very alike, but the point is we love our kids. Some Momma’s choose work and others have no choice. We are all making sacrifices and none of them are easy. I wish that I had been bold enough to tell that woman how beautiful she looked. I wish that instead of feeling small, I could have been love. Next time you see one of your Mommy friends, hug her. Thank her. If she works, tell her how awesome it is that she is out there, making a difference in our offices, hospitals, schools, etc. If your Mommy friend is at home with dried cheerios stuck to her pants and apple-sauce smeared in her hair, thank her for working her hiney off too. We are in this thing together peeps. I am looking for stories. I want to hear about how you think we can encourage each others. Ideas peeps, email me or comment below.


    Spread some love-



    P.S.: Did you know that ‘meadow muffin’ is a synonym for poop? I hope I am not the only one laughing her like a 5 year old. MEADOW MUFFIN—Seriously?


    The state of Washington has a $54 unscooped animal poop fine…so that is where our money goes…interesting.

  4. Marching Together For Miracles

    March 28, 2012 by Asha

    When life deals you a hand that seems impossible, there are some that fold and others who stand up and face the challenge head on. The March of Dimes is standing up once again in 2012 to take on the issue of premature births in our country and across the globe.

    The March of Dimes is a nation-wide family of advocates who believe passionately in the possibilities the future holds for all babies and families alike. With outreach programs that extend into local communities; the program is raising funds to support expecting mothers, families and research to end premature births.

    In what has become a staggering epidemic, more than half a million babies are more premature each year. The emotional, physical and financial toll that these events result in is something that you can help fight against. Each and every child has something to offer in this world. Why not take the time now to offer a helping hand in giving babies a healthy and full-term start to life?

    This year families, businesses, community groups and individuals will take to the streets to march in support of our babies. Outreach walks will take place in a variety of cities and when it comes to helping, there is something for everyone to contribute. The March of Dimes staff is always on hand to assist those wanting to establish support groups get started. Information on becoming a team leader and starting a walk in your community can be found at: http://www.marchforbabies.org/wd_regp01.asp?si=&u=&prefill=&g=&change=&walk=family&EditTeam=yes&SeId=&team=

    What began as a government effort spearheaded by FDR in 1938 to end Polio is now a full-fledged support system for children, mothers, and families across the globe. Whether you are supporting your own family, or showing love for friends and others who are struggling with prematurity, The March of Dimes has a variety of options for getting the word out and contributing to the cause. Find links to Facebook apps, logos and banners at: http://marchforbabies.org/spread_the_word.aspx

    When babies are born too early, families must learn to cope with fears, hopes and sometimes losses they never fathomed they would. With amazing strength, these same families are taking a stand and taking time to share their inspiring stories. Read about the courageous efforts being made by families that give us all hope at: http://shareyourstory.org/

    2012 is the year that you can give something of yourself to help a child thrive throughout their entire life. Through simple donations, participating in or organizing walks, ortaking a small moment to help spread the word; you have the ability to make life-altering changes for babies everywhere. Let’s stand up and march for miracles! To learn more visit: http://marchforbabies.org/default.aspx?si=


  5. Happy News!

    February 27, 2012 by Asha

    My little one, just celebrated her first BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe a year has passed since my husband and I welcomed our wee little preemie! I love her so much. I wonder what life would have been like, without our many blessings. How thankful I am for the gift of modern medicine! I have some fabulous news to share:

    The warming bed is in Haiti! God’s Littlest Angels combined the money we raised ($3,159) with some additional money from their medical fund and sent that glorious life-saving bed to the babies! I am SO happy! How wonderful to be apart of something so life-giving! THANK YOU!

    I hope to post some pictures in the next few days so you can see for yourself! Thank you to everyone who gave so freely! I am excited to see what happens next for The Painted Diaper. Stay tuned.




  6. NICU Nurses- Everyday Heroes

    January 17, 2012 by Asha

    Things have been a little quiet on The Painted Diaper home-front, but even in the stillness I have been staying busy. Remember the wonderful NICU nurse who won our Day 11 Contest? Well, she has cast her vision for a diaper and I have FINALLY finished! In addition to her personal prize, Victoria made a special request that I was excited to be a part of: a diaper for the NICU where she works.  So, my faithful readers…check it out:

    Victoria’s Diaper reflects the passion that she has for being a NICU nurse as well as her fondness for the color pink. Seems like the perfect time for this heart filled diaper to strut its stuff, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

    This diaper is the one that will be going to the NICU where Victoria works. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to all the NICU nurses that work so hard every single day, you guys are my heroes!

    Today, please take some time to say a prayer for those working all around the world to fight for the little babies. There job is NOT easy. They are tired. They work harder than you can imagine.




  7. Update

    December 16, 2011 by Asha

    As you can see from the newly updated thermometer, our current total is at:


    That is so fantastic! Donations are still coming in and I am like a little Christmas Elf, shipping out diapers right and left to their new owners. Thank you to all who have given to these babies. I pray that God will bless you this holiday season for your generosity!

    Check back in the meantime, as I will have new information and updates on our progress!




  8. Congrats Winners!

    December 13, 2011 by Asha

    The Auction is over and I am so grateful to all who bid, donated, and took time to spread the word. Special thanks to the winners! Keep your eyes out for an email, tomorrow morning from me!




  9. Day 40

    December 10, 2011 by Asha

    I can hardly believe that it is Day 40 already! Woot woot! I am so excited to announce that today’s diaper will be headed all the way to Haiti this January. One of my faithful readers, Jane (a volunteer who has been involved with GLA for quite some time) is traveling to the orphanage this January. God placed it on her heart to hand carry this wee little Angel to the NICU. Let’s continue to pray for the staff, babies, and volunteers at God’s Littlest Angels. It has been such a blessing to support this amazing organization!

    The Auction will be running from noon today, until Monday at midnight! There will be an instructional page posted in a few hours with all of the information you will need to get started! Happy shopping and thank you for giving—it certainly does not go unnoticed!

  10. Day 39

    December 9, 2011 by Asha